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Mountain Lake Services

Serving Essex County

Mountain Lake Services provides services to Essex County, New York and also in our neighboring counties through our Article 16 Clinic.

Essex Industries

Providing Opportunities

As a component of Mountain Lake Services, Essex Industries is an integrated workplace where people with developmental disabilities work to make high quality canoe accessories sold to many top canoe suppliers around the world.

Mountain Weavers' Farm Store

Supporting Our Community

A component of Mountain Lake Services, the Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store is the local source for fresh, handpicked fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, cheeses, baked goods and hand crafted baskets.

Welcome to

Mountain Lake Services!

Mountain Lake Services is one of Essex County's largest employers, with Essex County being the second largest county in New York State.
Mountain Lake

Partnering with people of all abilities to live their very best lives.

To fulfill our mission, Mountain Lake Services offers a wide range of supports and services to meet the individualized needs of people with developmental disabilities. For information about how to access our services, please see our Services Eligibility page.
About Us

Chapter of
The Arc New York

As the Chapter of The Arc New York in Essex County, the history of Mountain Lake Services is one of evolution, expansion and individual focus.


Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities (also called intellectual disabilities) are characterized by significant impairments in intellectual skills and in daily living skills.

Developmental disabilities can be present at birth or have an onset during childhood.