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Habilitation Services
Supervised and Supported Residences

Mountain Lake Services supports over 220 individuals in supervised residences throughout the county. Supervised residences provide 24-hour supervision. Supported residences in the form of single-person apartments are also offered to six (6) people with designated oversight and support provided, as needed.

Each person enrolled in residential habilitation services is provided with the support to pursue his/her individualized interests and desires, with an emphasis on personal choice. Daily living skills training is offered in such areas as cooking, shopping, money management, laundry care and personal hygiene to maximize a person’s abilities. Active participation in daily life, including the pursuit of community inclusion, recreational, spiritual and social interests, is also fostered.

A focus on helping people develop natural support and become involved in their community is an essential ingredient to enhancing each person’s quality of life.

For further information about OPWDD eligibility or receiving services from Mountain Lake Services, please contact our Clinical Services office at 518-546-3386.

Programs & Services

Service Eligibility

To receive services from Mountain Lake Services, one must be deemed eligible for services provided by OPWDD. This is determined by a regional eligibility committee.

To qualify for services, an individual must possess a diagnosis of a developmental disability as defined by OPWDD. The onset of the disability must occur prior to the age of 22.

Qualifying diagnoses are:
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological Impairment
  • Learning Disability
  • Autism
  • Other Developmental Disabilities

Some individuals who do not meet the above listed diagnoses may still be eligible for Supported Employment services based on ACCES-VR eligibility.

Other Helpful Resources

Front Door!

The Front Door is based on the understanding that, as a person with developmental disabilities you have the right to:

  • Enjoy meaningful relationships,
  • Experience personal growth,
  • Participate in your community and,
  • Live in the home of your choice.

The Front Door is the way OPWDD connects you to the services you want and need. Once you enter, a person-centered planning process begins, which helps you learn about and access service options that take your needs and desires into consideration. It will also give you the chance to direct your own service plan or help your family member or loved one as they direct theirs.

Front Door staff will guide you through the steps involved in finding out if you are eligible for services with OPWDD, identify your needs, goals and preferences and help you work on a plan for getting those services.