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Who Are We?

a chapter of The Arc New York

What is Mountain Lake Services

As the Chapter of The Arc New York in Essex County, the history of Mountain Lake Services is one of evolution, expansion and individual focus.

Beginning in 1967 with 15 North Country citizens concerned with the lack of supports for people with disabilities, deciding to form a committee to address these needs, continuing with the opening of Essex Industries and local group homes in 1974, never looking back from that time forward, Mountain Lake Services is a fascinating story with many chapters, many highlights, all involving inclusion, independence, and success.

Mountain Lakes Services’ mission is to partner with people of all abilities to live their very best lives. Its vision is to be an inspirational model for advancing people’s journey through excellence, innovation, and connections.

Mountain Lakes Services credo is to:

  • Appreciate and respect the unique contributions of each person.
  • Prioritize personal and corporate wellness.
  • Build teams through integrity, transparency, kindness and empathy.
  • Inspire personal growth through work, training, education and experiences. Create meaningful connections every day.
  • Empower people to balance informed risk-taking with ownership of responsibility. Utilize innovative well-defined processes and procedures that fit individuals' life styles and needs.
  • Develop and maintain trust with all of our stakeholders.
  • Facilitate relationships that cultivate the wellbeing of our communities.
  • Commit to being conscientious stewards who maximize and diversify our resources.

Board Members

Laurie A. Kelley

Shelley Winters

Cherie Indelicato, Esq.

Diane Lashway

William Bradley

John Deming

Nina Matteau

Donna Shave

Tamara Deming

Executive Leadership Team

Jack M. Mudge

Executive Director

Rowena Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Roxanne Burns

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Gaddor

Director of Human Resources

Sarah Louer, LCSW, LICSW

Senior Director of Clinical Services and Cornerstone Program

Steve Lewis

Senior Director of Supported Employment & Community Services

Melissa Newell

Senior Director of Residential / Director of Northern Region

Tara Peters

Director of Quality and Training / Corporate Compliance Officer

Tabitha Bradley, BSN, RN

Director of Nursing Services

Michele Flanigan

Director of Southern Region

Leta MacDougal

Director of Central Region

John Gereau

Director of Essex Industries

Jeremy Devins

Director of Maintenance

Rodney Therrien

Director of Information and Technology

Anthony Charles

Associate Director of Investigations and Risk

Carlton Sabatini

Data & Planning Officer