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Membership growth and retention are essential to the survival of Mountain Lake Services. Community support is the key to our success. Your tax-deductible donation will benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Essex County, New York.

The Membership Drive

Why is it Important?

Mountain Lake Services is a Chapter of The Arc New York. One of The Arc New York’s greatest strengths is its size. As The Arc New York membership grows so does the Organization’s ability to support and advocate for and with people who have intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families. This would not be possible without the invaluable work of The Arc New York Chapters during its Annual Membership Drive.

What is Membership?

Members support the mission and work of The Arc New York. Membership is tri-level; local, state, and nationwide. Membership lists are never sold or used for any outside solicitation purposes. They are used solely to provide information and /or organizational promotions to its members from all three levels.

Who should be involved?

It is very important to involve many different people in the effort including Chapter board members, staff, volunteers and even the individuals supported by the Chapter and their families. Everyone can participate. The more people you have making personal connections to family and friends, the greater your success will be in bringing new members into The Arc New York family.

  • Why?
    Membership is the basic foundation on which every The Arc New York Chapter and the State Organization was founded.
  • Membership can fulfill many Chapter needs such as volunteers for Chapter local boards of directors, programs and committees, manpower and energy for fundraising, public awareness, special events and other important Chapter activities.
  • As Membership increases, so does the Chapter’s voice and strength on local, state and national levels. Statewide membership gives The Arc New York the voice it needs to influence decisions made by state legislators and policymakers, thus enhancing The Arc New York’s advocacy efforts.
  • Membership allows The Arc New York to achieve its goal of providing quality programs, services, and opportunities for NYS citizens who have intellectual or other developmental disabilities.
  • Membership growth and retention are essential to the survival of The Arc New York. They are fundamental goals for which every Chapter must strive!
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